Jazz-Harmonica Virtuoso

Denny Toyy

Solo and Accompaniment Specialties in Jazz, Blues, Pop and Classical

Delightfully original . . . A most AMAZING performance. It’s hard to IMAGINE all that coming from one little harmonica!

Denny Toyy - The Musician-Sculptor

Jazz Musician “Denny Toyy”, his stage name, is also ARTIST Nathan Kuhn (Signed NKuhn). He was born in 1945 to an artist parent; his father, Robert E. Kuhn (1970-2000) became a most accomplished sculptor and painter. So, Nathan followed with his own professional career as a “Pop-Sculptor” (1970-2012) and has exhibited from coast to coast with such fellow Pop-Artist as Andy Wharhol (& Lichtenstein, Dine, Rivers, Oldenburg, and Hockney).

. . . But his love of MUSIC began to take over . . .

. . .When his “fun” harmonica playing began to move in a SERIOUS direction.

Musician and Band Owner, Denny Toyy . . .

. . . Began his professional career as a Jazz Harmonica player in 1989 with his own trio/quartet when he was a resident of Shelter Island in The Hamptons on Long Island. His sculpture studio was there as well, where he worked at the time producing his art for galleries in The Hamptons and New York City.

Over the course of several years his Jazz Ensemble established a local following performing in ocean front resorts and New York City,

But in September 2000, a call to come to the aid of his family required him and his spouse to quickly relocate to Norther Virginia (Luray) in order to take charge of his ill fathers’s private Art-Estate in the Shenandoah National Park. While managing the estate, his life was busy both sculpture and his music. But performing with his re-assembled trio/quartet (60 concerts per year) began to generate it’s own demand,

As Denny (Nathan) explains it,

“I seem to have put my sculpting studio aside to devote more to my music . . . Well, not quite . . . for I am now Sculpting Musically, for I am always A Sculptor.”